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Windesheim, ready for the future!

Since November 2018 the students of the University of Applied Sciences Windesheim are learning to make radioshows with brand new Axia equipment. Right now Triple Audio is working on the finishing touch, so it's time to see what the students and teachers think of this 'upgrade'.

'A economic choice, and a choice for the future'
Bart and Charles are responsible for the media facilities atthe University of Applied Sciences Windesheim. 'We are working with Axia since 2010, we were the first in The Netherlands,' says Charles, 'at some point Triple Audio took over the dealership of Axia. And because we were very happy with Axia, we contacted Triple Audio when it was time for an upgrade. The collaboration with Triple Audio was great.' The previous installation was used for about eight years. Charles explains: 'It's really an economic choice and to be futureproof.'

First impression
'The first thing that struck me was the fact that it all looks new and modern', says Bart.'Besides that, it looks professional and you can see that there are less analoge wire cables'. 'For students it may seem like anything changed', says Bart, 'that's because there is alot of internal change. For example: every student uses, without noticing, an easy to use hybride or a brand new intercom system.'

The vocal boothCharles in the tv regieThe tv studio

'Ready for the future'
 Leslie (22) and Roy (19) are both in their second year of the Journalism at Windesheim and are both very ambitious when it comes to radio. Both student are working at a local radiostation, so they're working with radio equipment inside and outside of school. 'This new equipment is digital, which is great', says Roy, 'de previous equipment wasn't bad or broken, but we had it for a really long time. Right now, we're more than ready for the future'.

Is this new equipment going to help them in the future? Both students tell me that this is actually still the same. 'When you want to learn more behind the equipment, you can ask the teachers after school', says Leslie, 'we don't have lessons in this. But it sure is possible to learn!'.

Leslie (left) and Roy (right) in the radiostudio The radio studio from the outside

New: VoIP and VOCO
A new development for the Journalism students and Technicians is Voice over IP (VoIP). Bart 'We were actually the last department in the Windesheim University that changed to VoIP, because of the analogic hybrides we used.' Windesheim University chose for Telos VX. Charles: 'A huge step forward. Before the Telos VX we used analogic lines and with some magic tricks it became an audio streamin the old Axia system. Now it's fully integrated!'

Charles: ‘Most of the student don't notice it, but we -as technicians- do: Windesheim uses the new Omnia VOCO 8 for our radio- and tv-shows. Before the VOCO 8, we had only one endprocessor, which was not ideal because every student has a different microphone techniques. We can now use the Omnia VOCO 8 as an processor on one (or more) specific microphone.

SmartControl with Philips Hue
The Axia systeem at this University had something unique: SmartControl. This brand new Triple Audio product is a bridge between Philips Hue and the Axia AoIP system. With SmartControl, you can control lamps via the Axia AoIP system. Charles: 'Bart and I had the wish to do something more with the signaling and ambiance. The studio's are great, but not vivacious. There are a lot of examples on how to create a nice ambiance in a studio, so I told Triple Audio about my ideas. They told me about Philips Hue and how to integrate this with Axia, Bart and I were excited from the very beginning!'

Curious for the details of this project at Windesheim University? You find them in this newsitem!

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