woensdag 31 mei 2017

“We are really proud of it”

The first use of the new reporter and recording vehicle of Omroep West is a wrap, so time for an interview with the users; Bas Martinius (Mediaoperator) and Mike van denBeemt (Programtechnician).

What do you think of the new Iveco?
Good, we are really proud of it!

Good to hear, what was the first use of the vehicle?
The first 2 times we used the vehicle was a music recording in a church. After that we used the vehicle as live production vehicle for Omroep West during Remembrance Day on the 4th of May.

Can you tell us a bit more about the installation inside the vehicle?
The Iveco audio vehicle is based on the Midas Pro 2 mixing console. A maximum of 144 sources can be flexible routed to the 56 inputs of the mixing console. Thanks to the use of the AES50 protocol we’re able to route to the OBV (Outside Broadcast Vehicle) as well as the in house amplification. This creates a enormous amount of flexibility.

So you are able to do bigger events than before?
Yes, when events that are too big (in terms of audio) for our OBV, we can use our new Iveco vehicle. Intercom functionality and other audio related connections are converted to this vehicle.With the use of fiberglass between the venue and the vehicle we can cover long distances. The vehicle is able to multitrack record an event and virtual sound checking is also possible. For the connection to the studio we use a KA-sat, but also a Comrex BRIC-Link IP Audio Codec , a stereo broadband transmitter, two portable transmitter-receivers, a mob-transmitter and two cellphone hybrids are integrated.

The new Omroep West OB van

Sounds good! Are you satisfied with the interior finish?
Certainly, Triple Audio engineered, designed and built the entire vehicle for us. Despite a tight budget, they delivered a beautiful finished vehicle, equipped with nice LED illumination that still works without external power-supply. The walls are equipped with thick dampening and are finished excellent. Inside the vehicle is a removable metal bar installed which is used to fix any extra load and therefore prevents damaging the mixing desk and interior. The installation and the equipment racks are efficiently organized and nicely build and cabled.

The format of the 19” racks is arranged in a way that all the equipment is accessible from behind, this makes service a lot easier. Of course is the vehicle equipped with a (silent) air-conditioning system, so even on the hottest summer day we are able to work as comfortable as possible.

I want to thank you for this interview. Is there anything you would like to add?
To cut a long story short, the vehicle is exceptionally well build and we are really happy with it. Guys of Triple; our compliments for this result! Omroep West is settled for years to come.

The inside of the new Omroep West OB vanDelivery of the new Omroep West OB van

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