dinsdag 24 november 2020

Triple Audio = Audinate reseller

Triple Audio is officially Audinate (Dante AoIP) reseller! What does this mean exactly? You can read it here.

Audinate is the developer of Dante®. Dante® is an AoIP standard widely used in the AV industry. The protocol is AES67 compatible, which makes it easy to combine with equipment based on, for example, Ravenna or Livewire+. Besides the fact that Audinate has developed Dante®, it also has its own Dante® product ranges. Triple Audio provides two of these product ranges, namely the AVIO range and the Dante® Domain Manager.

Combining old with brand-new; that's what Audinate's AVIO products do, among other things. Thanks to the AVIO adapters, you can continue to use your existing audio devices and connect them to the network. The Dante AVIO adapters are future-proof, cost-efficient, compact and, of course, completely AoIP. See all AVIO adapters in the Triple Audio webshop!

Domain manager
Want to have all the controls of your Dante® network at your fingertips? Then use Dante® Domain Manager. Thanks to Dante® Domain Manager, you keep an overview and management of your network within one interface. In addition, you can increase security through user authentication and apply various audit options.

Did you know that Triple Audio offers different products that fit within your Dante® network? View the overview here.

Would you like more information about these two product ranges? Please contact us.

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