maandag 6 maart 2017

Theory is reality; AoIP

The school of journalism of of Windesheim university has been using a full Audio over IP installation for years.

Charles Rossingh and Bart Oude Bruinink, both responsible for Windesheim technical matters, got the idea to replace the old partyline intercom installation for a future proof AoIP intercom solution. The idea was to extend the existing AoIP installation. The advantage of an Axia AoIP installation is that it can be scaled to any size. This way, sources and hardware could be combined and that offers very interesting functionality and is very cost effective.

With an Axia installation you do not need bulky intercom units anymore. The digital accessories panels can be easily integrated in the student studying area and furniture. The control of the extra facilities can easily be done within the Axia Pathfinder system. It is very capable of doing any kind of any kind of logic, control, routing etc. and Pathfinder has the possibility to add redundant systems (if required) with the click of a button. Charles Rossinghsays: “We are very satisfied with the customization of the installation as designed and built by Triple Audio.”

A student using the brand new AoIP Axia equipment at WindesheimThe brand new AoIP Axia equipment at Windesheim

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