maandag 29 oktober 2018

State-of-the-art studios for journalism students

Triple Audio has installed two new radio studios (including control rooms) and all other broadcast related audio, at the new location of the school of journalism. The basis of the complete audio infrastructure is Livewire+ Audio over IP. The two radio studio’s, the TV control room, 14 edit rooms and the lecture hall are universally applicable, because of the AoIP infrastructure. All the audio sources of the whole 2nd floor are accessible in the whole building.

Martijn de Groot, Project Manager MTO and Coordinator Media at the School for Journalism is proud of the result:

“We now have the same cameras as those used at the Dutch news broadcaster, NOS Journaal. Many local broadcasters will be quite jealous of our equipment. We’re now running head to head, if not actually ahead of the professional practice. You can compare it to the latest iPhone with all the most innovative features.”

The Livewire+ AoIP ecosystem offers maximum flexibility, for example it is possible to make use of the voiceover and editing rooms during live recordings in the radio and television studios. While the live recording is running the on-air signal of the edits and voice over rooms and the related retour, mute and talkback buttons are fully operating in connection with the live recording studios.

The new radio studio at the University of Applied Sciences UtrechtThe new radio studio at the University of Applied Sciences UtrechtNew equipment at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Telos Infinity IP-intercom
One of the things which makes the broadcast learning space state-of-the-art, is the Telos Infinity IP-intercom system. Telos Infinity IP Intercom replaces outmoded matrix technology with an advanceddistributed IP network solution that provides superior functionality and unleashes the full potential of a distributed IP audio infrastructure, allowing access to any networked audio endpoint through the intuitive Telos Infinity Dashboard application. And because Telos Infinity IP supports Livewire+ AES67 it can be used with all the Telos products such as the Axia Fusion Mixer.

Axia Fusion AoIP mixer
The Axia Fusion Mixer is not only installed in the radio studio’s but also in the TV control room, the delay control and loudness metering make the Fusion Mixer perfectly suitable for Television. And ofcourse the Axia Fusion is based on the Livewire+, AoIP protocol, which is seamlessly integrated with NDI and thus it’s easy to connect the Fusion to the Newtek Tricaster TC1. 

The new radiostudio with Telos InfinityThe new radiostudio with ChronoFlex Broadcast

VX Prime and Telos VSet6
For interviews by phone we’ve installed the Telos VX Prime, which is usable in the radio studios, the tv studio and in the edits. In the edit workspaces the Telos VX prime and the mixer are virtualized on an Axia IP-Tablet. The Axia IP-Tablet Virtual Radio Software minimizes the need for devices on the desk, which makes the workspaces in the edits clean, they are only equipped with an IMac and a Microphone.

Optimal use of the integration possibilities is also applied to the radio studios, for example it’s possible for the DJ in the SelfOp studio to make a phone call straight away from the Axia Fusion mixer and at the same time the co-host is able to prepare a phone call on the Telos VSet6.

With this project, the Journalism programme of the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences shows that it is completely up to date and that students are as ready as possible to become future professionals. 

Take a look with this 360° tour.

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