dinsdag 3 maart 2020

#STARPOWER with Axia Quasar

Quasar, Axia's new flagship. Maybe you've heard of this product or maybe you've seen it on the IBC 2019. This revolutionary product offers in many ways a user experience that you say you're going to love. Not convinced yet? Then we will do our best!

User experience
The Axia Quasar breathes the ultimate user experience. Luca La Rosa (project manager, member of the development team and the Quasar designer) can tell you all about this great advantage of Quasar. We spent a lot of time analyzing the latest market requirements. For example, we researched our customer workflows and talked to system integrators,' says Luca. Luca's team started working with the results of this research, which resulted in a number of innovations. Luca: 'The Quasar is the first radio console to use touch-sensitive elements, this way the interaction with the operator becomes even greater'. In addition, the Quasar is equipped with new hardware architecture and touch screen user interface. One thing has remained the same: the proven AoIP technology is the basis of the Quasar.

Quasar's design is different from the other consoles of The Telos Alliance. When designing Quasar, a team was brought together with members from the United States and Europe. Luca La Rosa: 'We wanted to create a product that was great for both markets, the best of both worlds actually'. In the end, we chose to start from scratch at Quasar and break with all the trends. Ultimately this results in a console that responds so quickly that it is almost impossible to miss a hit. It was therefore really a hit on the IBC.

Axia Quasar surfaceAxia Quasar EngineLuca La Rosa, designer of the Quasar at IBC 2019

Compose your own Quasar
Quasar is a modular mixer that can be perfectly assembled for any situation. The number of fader modules, split console, flush mount; any variation is possible! All Quasar buttons can be adjusted directly and easily with a simple web UI. No software engineer is needed to define a custom button! When even more complex functions are needed, they can be linked to Axia Pathfinder logic to perform any function imaginable.

Technical details
Quasar is based on the since 2003 proven Livewire+/AES67 AoIP technology and is now the sixth generation of Axia AoIP mixers. All 64 stereo fader channels can always use EQ and dynamics processing simultaneously and have a cleanfeed of all mix busses available. With the layer function all channels can be controlled quickly. Algorithms such as Automix ensure a consistent mix that gives the operator more room for other creative actions. The full color channel displays offer more quickly recognizable information. In addition, there is an eye-catching color LED strip per channel which allows for quick identification of type of sources. There are many more technical details, contact us for all the ins and outs!

Axia Quasar is available! Curious what this product can do for you? Please contact us!

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