donderdag 15 november 2018

SALTO: the sound of Amsterdam

SALTO: truly Amsterdam
SALTO is a broadcast from Amsterdam where every opinion is welcome. Like they call it theirself: 'we give every opinion a platform on the radio, tv and online. This is truly Amsterdam'. What makes SALTO so special, is that they litteraly give a platform to every opinion, because they help starters who try to develop their own radiostation. Besides that, the broadvast is unabridged and uncensored, no one tells someone that it's too much.

It's important to SALTO to modernize the current FM-transmitter location, because the quality of the sound and reception will be a lot better. Triple Audio made an appropriateproposal,and when the broadcast agreed they started immediately!

The project went really well, despite the size of the project: Triple Audio realized newmasts, antennas, transmitters, processing, transmission line / STL replacement, a technical upgrade and a better soundprocessing which is also easy to use.

OmniaSST in combination with Micro MPX
When SALTO had to choose a soundprocessor, they chose OmniaSST in combination with MicroMPX. This combination provides a clear sound (thanks to OmniaSST) which is transmitted to the radiostation by MicroMPX. OmniaSST is the first processor which supports the OmniaMicroMPX codec, a codec escpecially made voor FM radio with a high quality MPX signal.

Antennas and coax cabling
The old antennas and coax cabling went through all kinds of weather, which sometimes results in less reception. Because of that, SALTO decided they also want new cabling and antennas. Triple Audio installed these new products and besides the new cabling and antennas, the most important thing is the fact that SALTO now has a clear sound with high quality!

Curious about the new sound of Amsterdam? Visit their website:

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