vrijdag 25 september 2020

RTV Utrecht is VoIP thanks to Telos VX Prime+

At RTV Utrecht, both Radio M Utrecht and Bingo FM spent a long time looking for the best possible VoIP solution for their telephone calls for radio broadcasts.  A successful search: both radio stations recently started using a Telos VX Prime+.

Telos VX 
Telos VX talk show systems are the world's first true Voice over IP based phone systems. The Telos VX Prime+, with built-in AES67 support, is the latest in the lineup of Telos VX phone systems. The Telos VX Prime+ is a 1HE hardware unit and ensures the highest quality calls.  The Telos VX Prime+ is suitable for stations with 2 to 4 studios. Think bigger? The Telos VX Enterprise is suitable for larger stations!

RtV Utrecht maakt sinds kort gebruik van de Telox VX Prime+

Known way
RTV Utrecht previously used the Telos TWOx12, which is one of the forerunners of the Telos VX Prime+. The Telos TWOx12 made use of ISDN; and that no longer exists. So an innovation was needed, and RTV Utrecht chose the familiar road: the Telos VX Prime +. Erik Veuger, coordinator broadcast technology at RTV Utrecht, is enthusiastic about the use of this product. The presenters are used to the convenience of the Telos TWOx12. The switch to the VX Prime+ was an easy and reliable solution that both technology and presentation are happy with'.

RTV Utrecht uses the Telos VX Prime+ for Radio M Utrecht and BingoFMTelos VX Prime+ system

Advantages Telos VX Prime+
AES67 support ensures that the Telos VX Prime+ can be integrated into any AES67 environment, in addition to the Livewire and Axia network. In addition, AES67 support makes it possible to connect devices from different manufacturers plug-and-play within the AES67 environment and collaborate with the VX Prime+.

Not one but two 
RTV Utrecht has purchased a VX Prime+ not once, but twice. One VX Prime+ is used in the studios of Radio M Utrecht, the other for Bingo FM. Both radio stations are part of RTV Utrecht and located in the same building. The choice for two separate units is a conscious one: this way they can be exchanged and for maintenance the broadcaster remains accessible.

Break Free
At RTV Utrecht the VX Prime+ units are linked via Telos xNodes. For easy (on XLR connector) wiring of the Telos VX systems on these xNodes, RTV Utrecht uses the Triple Audio Break Free’s. Break Free makes the connection between RJ45-based analog, digital and microphone inputs and outputs to XLR easier than ever. Read all about this smart product from Triple Audio here.

RTV Utrecht uses the Telos VX Prime+ in its studiosRTV Utrecht uses the Telos VX Prime+ in its studios

RTV Utrecht uses DHD mixing consoles in its studio, these consoles use a different protocol than the Telos VX Prime+. SmartControl, one of the latest products of Triple Audio, makes it possible to connect different protocols. Thus, thanks to Triple Audio SmartControl, DHD's protocol, Global Logics, can work together with Telos' protocol: Livewire Routing Protocol. Watch the video about Triple Audio SmartControl here.

RTV Utrecht
RTV Utrecht is the regional broadcaster and calamity station for the province of Utrecht. The broadcaster has two television stations: RTV Utrecht and UStad, and two radio stations: Radio M Utrecht and Bingo FM. RTV Utrecht also participates in the radio station FunX.

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