donderdag 10 januari 2019

Review: SBS6 windscreens!

In december 2018 Triple Audio delivered 175 windscreens for Talpa Productions BV. What does the customer think about our windscreens? Thomas van Mens, producer at Talpa Productions BV tells you!

“The windscreens are meant for Talpa Productions BV tv-shows: Hart van Nederland, Shownieuws, 6 Inside and Piets Weer. We approached a few other shops before we placed our order at Triple Audio, but Triple Audio really stand out from the beginning.

Windscreen SBS6 TalpaWindscreen Piet PaulusmaWindscreen Coen & Sander

The first impression of the windscreens were great. Because they are meant for daily tv-shows, the windscreens are used a lot. But even after four weeks the windscreens are stillclean and there's no sign of wear. In contrast to other shops where, for example,the logos falls off after some time.Based on our experiences and contact, we really recommend Triple Audio!

Windscreen SBS6Windscreen SBS6

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