vrijdag 19 juni 2020

Podcast studio furniture with SmartLed

Last week Triple Audio traveled to the far north to install a brand new podcast furniture for Omrop Fryslân. The furniture is designed by Triple Audio and is unique: the logo of the broadcaster can be seen in the top of the furniture. In addition, our latest product can be found in this podcast furniture: SmartLed.

he furniture consists of a solid top with four microphone arms and one touch screen on which everything can be operated. The volume to the headphones is controlled by means of a Sonifex AVN-DIO03. Thanks to the built-in limiter with LED indication in the DIO03, the hearing of the user is protected. The Sonifex AVN-DIO04 can also be found in the furniture: the adapter cable to mini-jack is designed to connect a telephone or laptop, including return audio.

Underneath the furniture you will find various equipment. First of all, it runs on the Axia StudioEngine: all the necessary processing such as automix and n-1 in one solid state device. The voice processing is realized by the SOUND4 BIG VOICE 2 channel voice processor. Thanks to the preset sharing with the other BIG VOICE's, all profiles are immediately available and the audio, of course, enters the network over AES67.

Another unique aspect of this podcast furniture is the LED strip in the edge of the furniture: SmartLed.  SmartLed is a LED strip with a piece of software in which the LEDs from the LED strip are controlled. Each LED can be controlled separately thanks to SmartLed's addressable LED strip. The control is done within the interface of SmartLed in which various effects have already been added for you. In this case the red light signalling.

Within the interface you can create objects; a part of the LEDstrip that gets the same effect. It is also possible to create layers, so different objects can overlap each other.

SmartLed is a cool innovative addition to your studio. Not necessarily necessary, but very cool!

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