donderdag 2 februari 2017

Omrop Fryslân on the road

The new mobile radio set of Omrop Fryslân is successfully deployed during the Racing Expo at the WTC Leeuwarden. Omrop Fryslân choosed for an entire audio-over-IP solution for this location set. The OmniPlayer playout software is connected with Livewire AoIP to Axia Fusion mixer. Also, the remote control of the playout is over IP.

MI Broadcast Servicesfully implemented the Livewire Routing Protocol and the Livewire Control Protocol in OmniPlayer. This makes it possible to interface with the Axia Fusion and also the Axia IQ, Radius, DESQ and RAQ AoIP mixing consoles. The universal implementation allows also the user to define events and actions to interface with Pathfinder CorePRO. Pathfinder CorePRO lets you customize and command your entire Axia network like never before with streamlined functionality including Logic Flows - a new flow-chart-style events system that makes events easier to create, adjust, and monitor in real time.

The new Axia AoIP location set in actionThe new Axia AoIP location set at Omrop Fryslân

Connecting Livewire sources or physical faders to OmniPlayer is made very easy during the one time setup. The Livewire monitor is a useful tool to capture button events from the console and connect to the Omniplayer GPIO. There are in total 64 virtual GPIO in- and outputs available within Omniplayer which can be connected to faderstarts, Preview, etc etc.

The dynamic solution from MI Broadcast Services emphasizes the advantages of a AoIP broadcast system.

Stepping into the world of AoIP prepares Omrop Fryslân for the future.

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