maandag 11 april 2016

Omrop Fryslân now indespensible on FM!

In 2015, Omrop Fryslân radio changed their music programming and policy radically. This also raised the question if it was desirable to change the sound of the station. The current sound dates from 2011 and fits seamless to the programming from then. They also worked a lot more with program technicians , in contrast to nowadays, where the shows are much more depended on self-support.

This new sound can be described as firm, contemporary yet distinguishing.Omrop Fryslân is a station with a varied programming, a mix between dialogues and music programming, which makes it impossible to optimize the processing just for one type of programming.

Martin Wijbenga, head programming engineer at Omrop Fryslân says:The IDT DVP sound processor is completely re-tuned and takes care of the audio processing for FM, DAB+ and web streaming. At the FM transmitter sites, the IDT is supported by the new Omnia.9sg powerhouse from Omnia. This stereo-encoder / end limiter provides us with the possibility to create the sound for the FM that we had in mind, with a hefty chunk of loudness as well. Because of the smart tools in the end process of the Omnia.9sg, were able to create the sound that fits the contemporary sound and loudness on the FM, yet clean and open. This clean and open sound makes it possible to listen to the station for a long time, without suffering of listener fatigue after a long time of listening.

The sparkling heights option from the Omnia.9sg is just simply brilliant (!) and it provides the transmitter with a lot more high frequencies, which you really hear.

The new sound in combination with the Omnias really makes it really impossible to miss Omrop Fryslân radio on the FM, but also the digital media, DAB+ and the internet streams sound better than ever before!

Omrop Fryslân can be received on 92.2 FM in the whole province of Fryslân and in south-east Fryslân also at 92.5 FM. Besides the FM, you can listen to Omrop Fryslân on DAB+ in the entire part North-Holland and worldwide via

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