woensdag 13 september 2017

Omroep Flevoland – AoIP is now!

Omroep Flevoland is showing us just in time for IBC 2017 what real innovation is all about, with the reveal of their new Audio over IP (AoIP) installations. Triple audio had the opportunity to contribute to the complete overhaul of Studio 1, Studio 2 and the Central Technical Area. This means the complete radio-installation is renewed.

The focus of the regional, national and local broadcasters is going to be more and more on online and visual radio, which caused enormous popularity for streaming visual radio and visual radio on TV.Omroep Flevoland’s website is showing the result of the new visual environment in Studio 2.

Four PTZ cameras, hanging down from the grid, record all the footage coming from Studio 2.Switching to live feeds that are coming from KA-SAT video registration vehicles, two Live-U connections, Skype and content which is available on the all-in-one PC’s in Studio 2. Users can use the GML VID-Controller to switch the video footage in the live stream. Automated switching is also a possibility, with triggers that are given by the Axia AoIP installation.

Studio 2 is equipped with professional studio – grade LED lighting and three big monitors, which display promotional content behind the producers. The content that can be displayed are live feeds from on – site reporters, the live webcams in the city and also news pictures from the editorial system.

360°Virtual tour in the new radio studio of Omroep Flevoland ©360P.NL - Johan Boom

The new radio studio at Omroep Flevoland, all AoIP

The visual radio studio is equipped with a grid, mounted to the ceiling. This allows easy adjustment to the light plan, movement of the PTZ cameras and the monitor screens.The grid is also equipped with four more monitor screens and extra monitor speakers. The electrically in height adjustable studio furniture is designed in collaboration with Omroep Flevoland. The standpoint for the design of the furniture was to create the ‘’Lean and Mean’’ principle, good lines of sight and an open effect.

The all – in – one PC’s and the Microsoft Surface Tablets can be positioned really low, which will, in combination with the m!ka microphone booms, contribute to the open effect of the studio. The Yellowtec m!ka microphone booms are mounted on a floating, weighted platform, to reduce the noise of direct contact sounds. There is an RGB LED strip incorporated in the neatly designed platform, which works as on – air lighting.

The furniture is finished with unique edge trimming, combined with extra grooves for grip. This is possible because the Axia Fusion console is mounted in the desk, instead of on the desk, as shown in the pictures.

Brand new AoIP Axia equipment at Omroep Flevoland

In short: Everything via Audio over IP means that every audiosignal in the installation is an audio stream in the network. These Livewire+ AES67 streams ‘replace’ XLR cabling and are combined in the network. Two Cisco network switches are, in combination with network cabling, the infrastructure for the complete installation. Every renewed part of the radio-installation is equipped with an AoIP connection to make use of all the benefits.

The most important part of the studios is the mixing console. The Axia Fusion is a fully Livewire AoIP based – mixing console system. Despite that the users are working completely stand – alone already, this is optimized even further. The mixing console is equipped with 12 physical faders (all guests on one fader), a simplified monitor section and a LCD push button panel. Taking account of the new workflow, with duo presentation in the enineering phase, allowed us to simplify or even automate a lot of functionalities.

The rendement of the AoIP installation is achieved by equipping as much outboard equipment as possible with an AoIP interface. Every PC (playout, logging, skype, office PC’s, etc) are equipped with Livewire+ AES67 AoIP drivers, which eliminates the need of a sound card.The already existent equipment that was going to be re-used, are brought in the AoIP domain using Axia xNodes.

The network, power supply and functionality are built with complete redundancy and fail-over. This is achieved by the use of amongst others: two network switches, a parallel and two in functionality identical radio studios. The new radio – installation is connected through MADI with the already existing tv-installation. This connection can be used to dynamically exchange codecs, hybrids by the use of CAB codec + hybrid control and the already existing intercom.

Besides the great standard functionality of the Axia Fusion console, we added some extra functionality to the AoIP network by means of Axia Pathfinder Core PRO. Axia Pathfinder Core PRO is an advanced control toolbox which enhances the presentation and optimizes the workflows within this flexible AoIP platform. The Axia Pathfinder Core Pro takes care of monitoring, triggering, controlling, logging, etcetera from all the parameters in a Livewire+ AES67 network. Axia Pathfinder Core Pro can be easily, visually configured in real – time.

Omroep Flevoland is showing real innovation when it comes to broadcasting. If you’d like more information, or if you’re interested in an on-site visit, contact Triple Audio

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