donderdag 4 oktober 2018

OmniaSST at Omroep Flevoland

The sound of Radio Flevoland had been renewed since a few months: the new OmniaSST audioprocessing has been installed.

The new radio studio at Omroep FlevolandOmroep Flevoland was looking for a new audioprocessor because the current processor didn't meet their new expectations.Omroep Flevoland has tried a few demo's and eventually chose the OmniaSST. The audioprocessor is designed by Hans van Zutphen and contains a declipper and advanced end limiter. After Omroep Flevoland made her choice, Triple Audio combined the audioprocessor with server19 1HE computer hardware.

This hardware has a big advantage: redundant power supply. Besides the redundant power supply, the OmniaSST cleans and repairs incoming audio which results in a clean, open en loud sound.

The OmniaSST is only compatible on FM at this moment. The software will also support DAB+ and Webstream eventually.

Curious about the OmniaSST? Click here to read everything about this product. 

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