dinsdag 22 september 2020

Omnia Enterprise 9s: virtual audioprocessing

Omnia's latest product is the Enterprise 9s. It is an all-in-one virtual audio processor that has all the advantages of the Omnia.9 but stands out for its high scalability and flexibility. 

The Omnia Enterprise 9s is a high-density audioprocessing software-solution. High-density means that the software can be expanded via a subscription. This makes it possible to have multiple (temporary) processing instances running simultaneously on one system. This can be useful, for example, if theme channels need to be processed outside the main channel. With Omnia Enterprise 9s you do not need to purchase extra hardware for this.

Omnia Enterprise 9s - Triple AudioOmnia Enterprise 9s - Triple Audio

Flexible, saving and safe
In addition, the infrastructure needs of broadcasters can change rapidly, especially at a time when analog, digital and virtual applications alternate. Some equipment is suitable for only one protocol, making it expensive to switch equipment. With Omnia Enterprise 9s you don't have this problem. This latest product from the Telos Alliance is flexible and can be used for analog, digital and virtual applications. Enterprise 9s can work as an all-in-one software package on all Windows machines. The advantage of this is that the machine on which this software package runs can be adapted to the customer's needs. This is cost effective because with this solution the user is responsible for the unit and it is also safer because the machine can be easily backed up and installed on another unit in no time.

The Omnia Enterprise 9s has a built-in MPX encoder. The use of the MPX encoder enables full centralized audio processing. This means that the audio processor, stereo encoder and RDS encoding is done in this unit and then jointly over IP can be distributed to one or more locations. Because no additional stereo encoder, RDS encoder or audio processor is required throughout the distribution network, significant savings can be made in equipment, space and energy.

Demo license
Cool, huh? You can try the Omnia Enterprise 9s! Ask us for a demo license and find out right away if the product is for you. Triple Audio is Omnia's exclusive distributor in the Netherlands.

Omnia Enterprise 9s - Ontvang de demolicentie!Omnia Enterprise 9s - Triple Audio

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