donderdag 29 oktober 2020

New studio for SOL2

Streekomroep Limburg 2 Streekomroep Limburg 2 has recently started using its new studio. Engineers from Triple Audio and several partners, installed the equipment to perfection; with results! SOL2 can be listened to via internet, FM and cable.

Omnia MPX Node
SOL2 uses theOmnia MPX Node, one of the latest Omnia products. The way the MPX Node is used is special: the MPX decoder is mounted in the church tower of Echt. With a Point 2 Point data connection, the µMPX® signal is sent at lightning speed (less than 1ms latency) to the church tower where the Omnia MPX Node is located.

Omnia MPX Node Decoder

For the transmission line processing SOL2 has chosen StereoTool, this works seamlessly with the Omnia MPX Node. This gives you the best quality with a loud, pure and clean sound. Zenlex Radio Manager is used as a playout system. Zenlex Radio Manager excels with its stability and innovative voicetrack capabilities. In addition, only the complete package is offered, so no extra monthly fees can be charged.

De Omnia MPX Node Decoder is geïnstalleerd in de kerktorenEen kijkje in de studio van SOL2

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