donderdag 3 januari 2019

New: iQx AoIP Broadcast Console

New: Axia iQx! Appearances can be deceiving, because this product looks like a traditional console, but it’s actually a surface and mix engine rolled into one. You can read everything about this new Axia product right here!

16 million sources and connections
Why is the iQx so special? Well, normally surfaces need to be connected to a separate mix engine, the so-called “brains” of the system. AxiaiQx combines the mix engine and surface into one unit. That's one less component and connection you need to worry about when building your studio, allowing you to get up and running quickly and easily. Besides that,iQx is AES67-compliant and stands fully capable of supporting emerging standards!

Axia iQxAxia iQxAxia iQx

Cost efficiency
The iQx is a two-in-one product, which means it's cost efficient. And besides that, Axia offers the iQx at a surprsingly affordable price! Needless to say, you will get theall the craftsmanship, build quality, and innovation that Axia is known for. Don’t pay for I/O interfaces you don’t need! If you already have an existing AoIP network, you may not even need to add additional I/O. You can connect your iQx and access any audio source, anywhere on the network, from anywhere in the world.Have iQ consoles or QOR engines on your network? Drop in an iQx and share resources without having to add additional equipment.

Get easily started!
Configuration is a no-brainer thanks to a built-in web GUI—no proprietary application required.And while some locations where consoles are installed can be tight on rack space, iQx doesn’t require any thanks to the integrated engine. The console can be placed tabletop, without the need to modify furniture. All while offering network and power redundancy expected by world-class broadcast facilities.

For whom?
iQx is great for nontraditional studio setups too. Need a temporary studio for a special event or to add or move a studio quickly? Mixing sports, remote talent, or audio that isn’t located in your studio? iQx is your console, letting you bring in sources from all over the world. Control is not just a local thing either; an iQx can be controlled from the remote site, so no in-studio operator is required.With iQx, you have access to everything, everywhere.

New to AoIP? In addition to its own unique advantages, iQx is an AoIP console at its heart, giving you all the benefits that come with an AoIP network. More flexibility, easier and faster installs, cost efficiency and a decentralized system without a single point of failure.

While Axia can’t predict the future, they know change is in store, and iQx is flexible enough to support you today and tomorrow. You can order the Axia iQx here!

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