woensdag 26 september 2018

Jeroen Rocks, Omnia Rocks!

Jeroen has recently become the proud owner of the Omnia.11 processor. He previously used the 6fm/HD EXi processor for running his radiostation in the province of Drenthe. After using the 6fm/HD Exi processor for many years, Jeroen noticed that the time had come to update the processor. The demands for his new product were clear: a processor with open high tones and deep basstones. He started testing different processors, but there was only one that really caught his attention: the Omnia.11 processor.

He bought it, but unfortunately, the processor he purchased sounded very different from the one he had tested before. That's when he decided to contact Triple Audio. Jeroen immediately got help from Edwin van der Plank, Audio processing Expert at Triple Audio. Edwin answered every question Jeroen had about the product. Soon Edwin knew exactly what Jeroen expected from the product and Triple Audio, a sign of clear communication. In the end Jeroen received the service he was looking for and now he is very enthousiastic and satisfied about the professionality of Triple Audio! 

Jeroen Rocks with his Omnia 11Jeroen Rocks his studio

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