vrijdag 10 januari 2020

It's a kind of magic

Comrex Opal is comparable to magic, describes Comrex Technical Director Tom Hartnett, the Comrex Opal. And of course, a Comrex Technical Director is a little biased, but believe us, this product comes close to magic.

Comrex Opal is a product created to put an end to bad audio from live phone calls. You know it: a studio with the latest and best equipment, but a telephone interview cracks on all sides; Comrex Opal solves this! Comrex Opal makes it possible to create high quality audio connections between the studio and guests who use consumer electronics, such as smartphones and laptops.


  • Get excited about Comrex Opal after reading this news article
  • Mail or call us and let us be enthusiastic about Comrex Opal with you.
  • Place your order
  • Install Comrex Opal in your studio (this is easy to do and with a clear manual)
  • The Comrex Opal will issue a hyperlink, copy it and send it to the guest.
  • Let the guest click on this link from his or her phone, laptop or tablet.
  • Tadaa! The guest is connected via his web browser and can be heard in the studio, making it sound like this guest is sitting across from you!

Your guest does not need any special equipment, and even better: no technical skills! Every mayor, minister, athlete, doctor or lawyer sounds as if she is sitting live with you in the studio.

How does Comrex Opal work?

Now you're wondering, What's in the fine print? A justified question, because how can such a product fully satisfy your deepest wish; without a catch? Don't worry, it only takes two things to make Opal work as described at the beginning of this article. The Opal needs to be provided with a DNS name in combination with a fixed internal IP address; that's it!

In June 2018 RadioWorld wrote an article about the Comrex Opal in which Joe Emert of New Life Radio talks about the experiences with that special device. New Life Radio is a Christian radio station with programming in different parts of the United States. In addition, New Life Radio helps with the construction of several radio stations abroad, examples are Papua New Guinea and Bonaire.

'We installed the Comrex Opal just before I traveled to Israel, which gave me the opportunity to test it internationally. I tried it from an iPhone on a boat in the Sea of Galilee. The network we had access to on the water was faulty, but we still managed to get good quality audio. Then, from the hotel room near Tiberius, the connection and the audio spot-on was from the hotel. Studio quality, without noticeable delay!'

Questions about this product? Do you want to see, taste and smell Comrex Opal in real life? Please contact us!

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