maandag 1 oktober 2018

(I want to) Break Free!

The Break Free is designed by Triple Audio and makes it possible to connect RJ45-based analog, digital and microphone in and outputs to XLR. It’s is also designed for easy assembling on a 19 inch patchpanel with (Neutrik) D-Size ports. The Break Free’s are compatible with the whole product range of the Telos Alliance and many more brands that make use of RJ45 pinouts.

The Triple Audio Break Free range

The Break Free’s are delivered with an in distance adjustable connector, which makes it possible to assemble the Break Free’s on panels of different sizes. Another feature of the Break Free’s are the attached adapters, with which you can, for example, create an stereo in or output.

Using the Break Free’s in combination with standard UTP data cables makes soldering unnecessary, which reduces the installation time significantly.

The following versions are available:

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