maandag 3 juni 2019

Grand Prix Radio in Monaco

On the 26th of May at exactly 15.10 it was time for the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco. Grand Prix Radio did a live report on this race as usual.To make sure Grand Prix Radio was visible for everyone, they used brand new windscreens made by Triple Audio.

The Holland BoatThe Grand Prix Radio studio in MonacoThe Grand Prix Radio windscreen in action

Grand Prix Radio did their live report from a very special location: 'The Holland Boat'. This beautiful and luxurious yacht was located in the port of Monaco. Grand Prix Radio had half a million viewers and listeners during the Grand Prix in Monaco. Grand Prix Radio is definitely not a small player in the radioworld. With the Online Radio Award 2018 and a nomination for the Dutch Podcast Awards 2019 they definitely have a big reputation.

The Grand Prix Radio studio

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