woensdag 22 januari 2020

FunX: there's music in it!

FunX, the Dutch radio station when it comes to urban music, chooses the best! FunX has several radio studios in the Randstad: Amsterdam, Rotterdam (main location), The Hague and Utrecht. Previously FunX used the outdated APT Horizon IP-Codec. After KPN Broadcast stopped FM distribution, FunX chose to manage the FM stations themselves. This in-house management made it easier to go a different way and do everything differently: the obsolete transmission line equipment was quickly replaced for the very latest and best!

Triple Audio has played an important role in the changes at FunX. During the Streaming Academy in 2017, the subject matter dealt with ensured that Rob and Jeroen of FunX, among others, have a better understanding of Audio over IP (hereinafter AoIP). The material in combination with the active thinking of Triple Audio has led them to embrace a vision in which the STL signal without conversions and compression will be realized.

In this new infrastructure, through AES67 multicast streams, the four cities of FunX and the transmission towers in these cities are connected to each other. This concerns the streams from the playout systems to the stereo generators (in this case the powerful Omnia.9sg).

Omnia 9.sgOmnia 9.sg

How is it possible?
But how? FunX now uses MikroTik routers, which are configured to receive and transmit any AES67 multicast signal. All equipment of FunX, including for example the Omnia.9sg is synchronized by means of a PTPv2 master clock. This master clock is located in Rotterdam.

The biggest challenge with a new infrastructure like this, is to get the signal to the transmission tower. We will tell you in advance, because this has succeeded; a unique event! The AES67 multicast streams go from the studios to the transmission towers, just over the public infrastructure (KPN EVPN) between these four cities and the towers. The connections have passed the endurance test and are fantastic!

The AES67/AoIP connections at Funx offer the possibility to put a DJ in the studio of Utrecht under the fader in Rotterdam; as if this DJ is sitting next to you! Simply; selectable from anywhere, directly under the button.

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