dinsdag 7 juli 2020

Done! The Rijnmond OB van

Stand-alone studio
Rijnmond's new OB van is a real studio in its own right. This means that the car can be directly on the transmitter and thus behaves like a studio like there are more in the Rijnmond building; only on wheels. This is a first for Triple Audio and thus directly unique in the Netherlands.

Rijnmond Reportagewagen buitenkant / OB van / Axia Fusion / Triple AudioRijnmond Reportagewagen buitenkant / OB van / Triple Audio

The OB van is suitable for radio, TV and internet and can be used in various ways. The first way is a traditional setup: a technician and a presenter. With this vehicle it is also possible to go out as a reporter only. You can walk away from the car as a reporter and make your program remote. As a reporter you can't quite get out of it? Thanks to the full Audio over IP integration, a Rijnmond technician can provide remote support in the reporter's car from the studio in Rotterdam.

A third way in which the OB van can be used is the most elaborate way. You can support technicians, presenters and a director with this reporter. This way, the director can get his luck on the Telos Infinity Intercom.

Telos Infinity
The desktop version of the Telos Infinity is also fully Audio over IP. Only one network cable is required to connect the device. Telos Infinity is a very cost effective solution. Because the system is matrix-free, plug-and-play network devices can be added to the system; planned or just as an ad hoc change. You'll never have to worry about exceeding the number of available ports on a matrix again.

Rijnmond Reportagewagen binnenkant / Telos SDI AoIP Node / OB van / Triple AudioRijnmond Reportagewagen binnenkant / Telos Infinity Intercom / OB van / Triple Audio

Presets (RepNet versus Pathfinder)
Maybe you know it from the past: Triple Audio RepNet. Meanwhile, this product is no longer made, but in fact the ´modern version´ of RepNet can be found in the new OB van of Rijnmond. In the vehicle are several presets made, so the end user can get the right settings in one click. For example the mixer settings, the HF equipment and other preferences. All these presets are controlled by Axia Pathfinder Core PRO and can also be classified and adjusted remotely.

The big difference between the 'old' RepNet and the new Pathfinder is the flexibility. Thanks to Pathfinder it is possible to make changes remotely; very user friendly! Technicians from Rijnmond can work with this themselves, which saves a lot of time (and ultimately costs ;) ).

Axia Fusion in a OB van
The OB van is equipped with the Axia Fusion mixer (16 fader). This mixer is powered by the Axia StudioEngine and is 100% AES67 compliant. The equipment is connected to the Axia network by only one CAT-6 Ethernet cable. The Axia Fusion mixer can be controlled remotely thanks to Axia SoftSurface. In this way, Rijnmond's studio or support department can provide support for the OB van when needed, or even take over all the technology in the van.

Rijnmond Reportagewagen binnenkant / Axia Fusion Mixer / OB van / Triple AudioRijnmond Reportagewagen binnenkant / Axia Fusion MixEngine / OB van / Triple Audio

OmniPlayer synchronization
The playout in the OB van is Omniplayer. This playout software has been integrated by M&I Broadcast Services. Thanks to the integration by M&I Broadcast Services, the playout software runs completely synchronous with the studios in the Rijnmond building. So you have all the music, playlists and other items as you have in Rotterdam.

This synchronization was necessary because the OB van, as mentioned earlier, is a stand-alone studio.

The OB van is equipped with four Comrex BRIC-Link II Codecs. The BRIC-LINK is used as an audio codec for the connection to the studio. The OB van can connect in three exceptional ways: as an external source, as an external studio and directly to the transmitter.

Rijnmond Reportagewagen binnenkant / Axia xNode Comrex BRIC-link / OB van / Triple AudioRijnmond Reportagewagen buitenkant / Scherm / OB van / Triple Audio

Internal telephony
Another remarkable detail of this OB van is the telephony. The phone in the vehicle is an internal number of Rijnmond. A caller, for example for a competition, can therefore be connected to the reporting car via the Rijnmond general number. Conversely, the presenter in the OB van can reach guests by phone and put them on the air directly.

High Frequency equipment
The existing HF equipment from the old OB van can also be found in the new vehicle. The HF equipment is fully controlled by the presets, this automation takes a lot of work out of the hands and ensures that the equipment is used correctly.

Telos SDI AoIP Node
There are no less than three Telos SDI AoIP Nodes in the back of the OB van. The video signal includes video, audio and some other information. This signal passes through the SDI AoIP Node, de-embedding the audio. This separate audio signal can be adjusted by audio engineers, so that it sounds better, for example. In no-time, this adjusted audio signal can be embedded on the existing video signal. The special feature of the SDI AoIP Node is that the audio is completely AES67.

Rijnmond Reportagewagen buitenkant / Telos SDI AoIP Node / OB van / Triple AudioRijnmond Reportagewagen buitenkant / Antenna / Antenne / OB van / Triple Audio

Triple Audio has worked on this project with Carrosserie Akkermans and D&MS (Digital & Media Solutions). Each party involved in this project started working with what they do best.

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