dinsdag 13 augustus 2019

Comrex is the solution for sports reporting!

Sport reporting isn't the easiest; but RTV Rijnmond has the solution: Sportsets with the brand new Comrex Access NX!

‘These are the bests, and we want the best', says Niels, audio engineerat RTV Rijnmond about the new equipment for the broadcaster. 'ISDN doesn't work anymore in a few months, so RTV Rijnmond is forced to switch', explains Niels. Triple Audio developed the Comrex Access NX Sportsets at the request of RTV Rijnmond so they can still broadcast sport.

After a few test rounds, Comrex showed the best results for RTV Rijnmond: 'the quality of Comrex Access NX is brilliant. A big advantace is the fact that we can still connect in the crowded stadiums and that we now have the opportunity to connect two reporters via one Comrex Access NX', tells Niels.

RTV Rijnmond also had the wish for a switch which can be fed by 'POE'. This makes it possible to share one IPconnection with twoIP codecs, for example for two different broadcasters.

Niels and the Comrex Access NX SportsetThe Comrex Access NX Sportset with the extra switchThe Comrex Access NX Sportset with the extra switch

RTV Rijnmond bought three sets, Niels explains: 'We have three soccer clubs in our region that play in the Premier League this year. It's a possibility that these teams play at the same time and we still have to broadcast every game!'

The three Sportsets are equiped with everything reporters need: headphones, microphones and cables. In the removable department you can find the Comrex Access NX, which can be placed at the press stand for example.

In short: the best solution for sports reporting is the Comrex Access NX (in a suitcase)!

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