woensdag 26 juni 2019

Comrex ACCESS NX in action!

The Comrex ACCESS 2USB makes room for the Comrex ACCESS NX! The ACCESS 2USB has guaranteed high quality for over ten years and the ACCESS NX will do the same with new features.

The Comrex ACCESS NX had two microphone inputs and headphone outputs. You don't always need a extra mixer to send two reporter to the studio. If you want more microphones and headphones, you can add the ACCESS NX 4-channel mixer. One of the biggest benefits of the ACCESS NX is the touch screen which can me controlled with your fingers instead of the stylus.

Jan-Willem Start Op with…
Comrex ACCESS NX! The Comrex ACCESS NX has proven itself at the Elfstedenzwemtocht last weekend. Jan-Willem Roodbeen and Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte had sailed alongside Maarten van der Weijden and did a live report during their radio show 'Jan-Willem Start Op'. They did this report with the Comrex ACCESS NX. Frank van ’t Hof (DJ / Technicproducer NPO Radio 2) is enthusiastic and mentions some big benefits of the ACCESS NX: the great audio quality and the two inputs which makes it possible to report independently from eachother. Some connections failed during this event in the North of The Netherlands, but the ACCESS NX did not: 'The connection was fantastic thanks to the two SIM cards and Crosslock!’.

Maarten swimming the elfstedenzwemtochtThe finish of the elfstedenzwemtochtJeroen Kijk in de Vegte with Comrex Access NX

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