dinsdag 9 februari 2016

BNN-VARA Radio Edit sets

Triple Audio build four radio edit sets for BNN-VARA. The essence of the project was Lean and mean. One of the edit sets is extended with extra faders and hybrid, the rest is identical.

The tight designs of the four edit sets are similar to each other. The used techniques are as efficiently as possible deployed whereby each device is fully used. The result is a set of four compact edit sets with one central core.The working environment for the BNN-VARA users is kept the same as much as possible. This is among other things done by applying the same equipment and to use the same workflow. Each edit set is equipped with electric height adjustable furniture, ProTools with Waves Diamond bundle, Comrex VoIP Hybrid, AirTools microphone processing, Omniplayer and Dalet.

All four edits are fully assembled at Triple Audio before the three daysinstallation on location. This workflow results in a very short lead time on location.

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