dinsdag 4 april 2017

“Are you able to deliver fast…?”

Omroep Flevoland renewed both Radio and TV. Triple Audio proved themselves in a extreme busy period during the build of the radio studio. David Brouwer (director at Omroep Flevoland): “We requested a fast build decor, which we could use to record a flexible newsmagazine.” That’s why Omroep Flevoland asked Triple Audio to build the TV decor as well.

The project had a sharp deadline with a lot of custom made components, thanks to the right knowledge, effectiveness and high quality partners, the project was completed in time. David: “I’m impressed by the speed and expertise of the Triple Audio team, the beautiful decor was delivered in a short amount of time.”

TV decor at Omroep Flevoland

The decor
Before the start of the build there was a basic plan. David: “The basic plan for the decor are two floating TV screens in front of a curved background. Triple Audio offered a beautiful custom designed solution for the floating TV screens and the presentation desk. ”

A custom printed and curved background with a span of 10 meter, height of 3 meter and an arc of 6 meters is used as decor background. In front of the decor background two 75 inch (190cm) touchscreens are fixed to a custom designed bracket. The bracket has multiple abnormal curves, which allow the bracket to blend in with the background and the TV screens seem to be floating mid-air.

The realized studio floor consists of a stage with a PVC floor which is acoustically dampening. Because of the raised stage, all the cabling needed in a television studio is concealed inside the floor. On top of the stage, a custom designed presentation desk is placed. The organic shaped presentation desk consists of multiple layers transparent red Perspex (plastic) and curved wood panels. The transparent red plastic is lit using a DMX controlled LED strip, this creates a high-tech and modern appearance.

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