maandag 28 september 2020

AoIP studio for Omroep Het Hogeland

Omroep Het Hogeland is live! The installation of the Audio over IP studio was realized by Triple Audio engineers.Omroep Het Hogeland is live! 

The studio of Omroep Het Hogeland is fully AoIP. For both parties this is a big advantage: support can be offered remotely. Very convenient when you consider that the distance between Omroep Het Hogeland and Triple Audio is about 200 kilometers. Omroep Het Hogeland has chosen equipment of the highest quality. This choice ensures that the broadcaster is ready for the technology of the future. 

Axia iQ
As a mix console Omroep Het Hogeland uses the Axia iQ 8-Fader work surface in combination with the 8-Fader extension. The basic system consists of an iQ 8-Fader Main Frame and a QOR.16 integrated console engine, a DSP-based mix engine that also includes analog and digital audio I/O, GPIO and a custom, zero-configuration Ethernet switch. At Omroep Het Hogeland the 8-fader extension has been added. 

Omnia VOLT
The transmission line processor of Omroep Het Hogeland is the Omnia VOLT. At Triple Audio we are fans of this sound processor; you leave the competition far behind you. Omnia VOLT is a versatile processor with many features at an entry-level price. The VOLT is perfect for Omroep Het Hogeland. At the moment Omroep Het Hogeland broadcasts via a webstream and via the TV channel; but, if the broadcaster wants to broadcast on FM later on, this is no problem for the VOLT.

In addition, there is no hassle installing the VOLT and the standard presets are very good and easy to tweak/adjust.

Triple Audio SmartControlmakes it possible to connect different control protocols with each other. Different protocols are available in SmartControl and are becoming more and more so. Omroep Het Hogeland uses SmartControl to combine the Philips Hue lamps with the Axia iQ as signaling for the studio. Watch the SmartControl video here.

Comrex VH2

ISDN has stopped, so telephony in a studio requires a modern solution. The Comrex VH2 VoIP hybrid is the answer. The Comrex VH2 ensures excellent quality telephony without echo or distortion. In addition, with the VH2 it is possible to call with 2 lines at the same time.

Watch the Timelapse of the installation by Triple Audio!

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