vrijdag 18 mei 2018

ANP switches to AoIP

The Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANP) is moving to a new building in the Hague. A brand new building means a brand new radio studio’s and that’s where Triple Audio comes in. The ANP asked Triple Audio too build three new radio studio’s.

Plug and play
The ANP is, just like many organizations nowadays, an organization that works with cloud computing. Working in the cloud means that everything should be accessible and working everywhere and anytime. That’s why the ANP has chosen for an Audio over IP (AoIP) studio, AoIP is the distribution of digital audio across an IP network. The use of an (standard) IP network makes upscaling easy, something which isn’t possible with the traditional TDM frames.

AoIP makes it possible to configure the new studio devices in advance, because on location it’s just plug (to the network) and play. That makes Triple Audio capable of building almost the entire studio in house in advance, and that saves lots of installation time on location. For an example, at the ANP the total installation time of the three studio’s on location was just two days.

The three studios are equipped with Axia DESQ consoles. The DESQ is a six-fader, two bus mixer and that makes the DESQ a perfect solution for small production studio’s, such a studio as by the ANP. For these studios Triple Audio has installed Comrex Bric-links IP codecs and the studios are equipped with COMREX VH2s which can be used as hybrids.

RGBWW ledstrip
Fancy detail, all the desks are provided with RGBWW ledstrips and these ledstrips are connected to the mixer, so when the mic is on the lightstrip will switch from warm white light to red light.

The inside of one of the new ANP studio'sTwo of the new ANP studio's, all AoIPTwo new ANP studio's, all AoIP

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